Wednesday, September 22, 2010

My Burmese Appendage

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As I type this I am reaching over my Burmese cat Pixel to reach the keyboard of my laptop. Pixel is pretty attached to me. He adores me in fact. He follows me everywhere. He is in my lap all the time. He sleeps between my legs at night. Since I have been off work after my work injury he has become my new appendage.

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Arved said...

I have "owned" cats for about 20 years now. Only rarely does a cat "choose" a human for companionship. More often than not, one of our cats will choose Anna, my wife, since she's around more often. Recently, Chessie chose me.

I still claim love must be reciprocal, and therefor cats can't love. He doesn't pet me, despite enjoying being petted. No, he appreciates my services as a masseuse and caterer.