Thursday, September 09, 2010

Getting by with help from family and friends

Youngest son Kenneth and I. Click on photo to enlarge.

I am getting by with help from family and friends. Susie has done so much for me. Son Jeff made my shower accessible. Since I cannot drive on Tuesday youngest son Kenneth spent his only day off work in two weeks with me. We went to the whine and dine social time together. Amy Marsh led my ride for me. I am on the slow road to recovery. I really appreciate all the help and support.

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motormouth said...

I am glad you're still socializing w/ your bike buddies, even if you can't ride at this time. It's important to stay close with friends. Plus, you had plenty to whine about! I'm thinking good thoughts for you and all of your caregivers. Slow and steady, Sloan. xo, LBJ