Monday, May 03, 2010

A year ago my oldest friend died

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A year ago my oldest and one of my closest friends, Marie Roby, died.

Marie was a keystone in many lives. You could tell her something and know it would never get retold. She accepted and loved people for who they were, as they were. She was a friend you could depend on. She was a safe harbor in a storm. She was selfless, loving and kind. She was stoic and strong but soft and tender hearted. She had an inner beauty that radiated. I have never known anybody who did not like Marie. She was the kind of person people would call and talk to for hours about the troubles in their lives. I know I did. Yet, she seldom would complain about troubles in her life.

In December 2005 Marie's sister Martha died in a freak auto accident. It was one of the worst times in her life. It was terrible. It was not her first sudden loss. Marie was a good friend of my first wife and was the first person I called when my first wife was killed in a car accident.

Marie was a cancer survivor. Her strength got her through this and other awful times in her life.

She was an inspiration. Marie's husband Kirk is a gentle loving man and they celebrated 25 years together.

Marie was 55-years-old when she died. Far too young to die. If you believe there is a God, this was a time of reunion for Marie; reunion with old friends and family. It was a time of grieving and loss for us and a cause of hope for me. I already miss her terribly and I hope somewhere, somehow, to see her again. Until then, she lives on in many, many hearts.

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