Monday, January 25, 2010

Thoughts on Marie's Birthday

Image from Marie the movie

Today is Marie's birthday, the first since she died last year of an untimely heart attack. She was 55-years-old.

This last year has had the death of several friends including Kathy Arena and Marie Roby. Perhaps that is the natural order of life. We go decades with our friends around us, few if any of them die (except to accidents,) then people start dying until it is our turn.

Well, Marie's turn to leave came far too soon. She was a wonderful friend. She was my first wife's best friend. She was loved by many, including me, and we will not forget her. Today was her birthday. I almost always sent her a card. If heaven has an Internet connection; this will have to do.

As well as my first wife; Marie was preceded to heaven by her sister Martha. You know Marie was welcomed with open arms! Heaven is a better place for having her and this world is emptier for loosing her.

Last year I made this movie about Marie, that was shown at her funeral. I am sorry but it is heavy on photos from the 70's and the 90's because those are the only pictures in my vast collection that I had organized at the time.

[More Photos of Marie on Flickr]

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Janene said...

Wow, Steve! That made me cry, and made me sad for you to have lost such a wonderful friend.