Monday, May 18, 2009

Today at Marie's Funeral

Marie's mom and sister

Sunday I went with friends to Watsonville on the Strawberry Fields Century bicycle ride, That bike ride was great fun. After the bike ride; Sue, Kenneth and I went to Marysville, CA near Wheatland, CA where we spent the night. Today we were in Wheatland for Marie's funeral.

It was a very nice funeral. It really reflected Marie and her family. The video that I made as my way to say goodbye to Marie was chosen by Marie's husband Kirk to be shown at the funeral. That was a real honor for me. Also, I put together a photo exhibit of mounted prints. This was added to many other photos of Marie brought by others.

I spoke to family and friends, some of whom I had not seen for 20-years. It was a very moving experience. The video and photos were well received. Though a lot tears were shed during the showing of the video; many commented on how much the video meant to them. I gave DVD copies of the video to members of Marie's family.

Marie was buried in a cometary on a hill near Sheridan, CA. Her grave is right next to the grave of her sister Martha (who died in a car accident in 2005.) When she was laid to rest I could hear a train blow its whistle as it passed by on the very busy Union Pacific railroad tracks that go through Sheridan.

It was so good to see Marie's friends and family. I had a very touching conversation with Marie's mom. Marie must have loved seeing all these people together.


Julie Marchione @ said...

Hello, my name is Julie Marchione! I am married to Tobe Marchione (Marie's nephew aka Martha's son) I was googling her name to see if I could find her obituary or something to bring my husband closure as we are in Alaska and couldnt attend the funeral. I came accross your blog and have read the beautiful things you have written about Marie. She is sooo loved by our family and will be dearly missed!

stephvinnie said...

Hi Steve,

My name is Mary-Ann. I am Milo Marchione's girlfriend (Marie's Nephew and Martha's son) and a friend of Heather's (Marie's daughter). I just wanted to say thanks for this post and the video. It was a beautiful tribute.