Monday, September 22, 2008

Encounter on Hicks

Late yesterday evening, just before dark, I was on my bicycle descending Hicks Road near Camden Ave. in the east part of Los Gatos. On the way up the hill I had earlier seen a herd of deer in front the new houses there enjoying some landscaping plants. One of the deer was a six point buck. I had seen this buck on the hill before on other rides and was looking forward to seeing him again on the way down.

As I was descending I rounded a curve I saw the buck on the left side of the road and a black Toyota Tundra on the right side of the road. Directly behind the truck was a man lining up a shot on the deer with a crossbow. I was heading right into his line of fire. Behind the buck was the houses.

I started ringing my bell and making a lot of noise. Neither I, the buck or the houses behind the buck were shot. The shooter went into the truck and sped off. The plate on the truck was California 7M41254. I reported it to Los Gatos PD as this was in Los Gatos City Limits.

If the shooter missed he could have hit the houses. He apparently planned to kill this deer in their front yard! I hope Los Gatos PD does something.

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