Saturday, July 26, 2008

Whine and dine fun times

Whine and Dine ride on Sanborn

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Whine and Dine Ride Reflections

Last Tuesday's whine and dine bicycle ride and jug party are here. That was one great Tuesday! The weather was perfect as was the evening. We had three rides and a hike and a long party. I led the mellow ride up Sanborn.

I brought a bottle of jug wine from Preston (that Amy Marsh turned me on to.) Here is an article in the SF Chronicle about the jug wine.

Today we had our Saturday Edition Whine and Dine Ride. This was a lot of fun. About five of us had a pancake breakfast at our house then rode 42 miles up Croy and then, on the way back, we had a lunch at the Gourmet Mexican Deli at Cottle and Santa Teresa where three more cyclists joined us. It was a lot of fun! Later this evening we went to Dave and Dorothy's for a party.

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