Thursday, July 10, 2008

Heat and Smoke

100 degrees on sign

The summer of heat and smoke

"This is a summer without precedent," that is what I heard the radio announcer say the other day. I have never seen the sky so brown and the air so bad. This week we have had a string of spare the air days. Last Tuesday I went on a bike ride. It was our weekly whine and dine ride. It was hot but the ride was fun. I thought it was fine to ride until I woke up Wednesday morning coughing like a smoker. I have not ridden my bike since. I've never seen anything like this.

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Anonymous said...

Agreed, Steeeeeevo. I didn't ride Tuesday, it was so brown and gross outside and I was working from home so didn't want to add to the mess by driving. I didn't get out to do anything that day, it was depressing after having beautiful weather in Wisconsin all weekend (it's not often that one would prefer WI weather over CA!)

A couple weeks ago when I rode Metcalf after W&D was cancelled and then ran the next AM, I was coughing like you mention on Thursday. UGH... Here's hoping we clear up soon!