Wednesday, May 21, 2008

I was a meat-eater

Whine and diners on top of Bohlman, 2003

The way I used to ride

It was funny, last night, at the Whine and Dine ride, Vicki Stockwell came by and we started sharing stories about the way we used to ride. She, her husband, many of our other friends and I did some pretty hard rides, yes I did Bohlman, and Redwood Gulch, and Alba, and the Sierra-to-the-Sea starting from my house, doing all the long options and returning back to the house and much, much more. Yes, I used to be what Lee Marvin (as A no. 1) in the movie Emperor of the North called "A Meat-Eater."

[A short story about one of my rides long ago]

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