Saturday, May 31, 2008

Burlington bash a blast

Bertie on the bus with class of 2003

Great time at Sue's reunion

I am having a great time at Sue's reunion. I have not felt like a boat anchor at all. I did not want to feel like my presence would keep people from being able to reminisce about some topics (like who did what with whom) and I still hope it has not. University of Vermont is a totally different academic institution than San Jose State. The student population is less than a third what SJSU's is and Burlington, Vermont is a lovely college town. We met the president of UVM and had a great conversation about the two schools. SJSU has homecoming, but nothing like this.

Sue's college friends are great! We have been drinking and talking and drinking and laughing and drinking and sharing old stories (some of which Sue had told me and some she hadn't) and drinking and it has been a blast. It has been great making new friends.

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