Friday, March 07, 2008

The gloves are off

Bonnie gets her gun

Bonnie gets her gun
Sue and I have really gotten into Jericho, a TV show about a post apocalyptic small town in rural northwest Kansas. This is really a fine show that is getting really poor ratings. In the most recent episode was this surprising and gripping gun battle between one of the sweetest characters of the series hearing impaired Bonnie Richmond, played by Shoshannah Stern, and the gun thugs of Ravenwood (think Blackwater) who were going after a ledger was in Bonnie's home that had evidence of embezzlement of funds from Ravenwood's parent company Jennings and Rall (think Halliburton.) There are only three episodes left, then it appears the show will be canceled. Why is it the best shows go down?

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