Monday, July 16, 2007

Thirteen Years

Sue and I

Thirteen year honeymoon
Tomorrow Susie and I will celebrate thirteen years together. On Sunday we celebrated by going out to brunch at La Foret, the restaurant in New Almaden where we got married in 1994. A lot has changed over those years including us. When we got married we had three boys in our home and three cats. Now we have three cats, two of which are not the same. We have grandkids now and more on the way.

We have new friends and old friends. One of my oldest friends came to visit us this weekend. Ken Compton, whom I have known for about 25 years came over this weekend. We met at the train club and then on Saturday we hosted the train club over here. Ken and I had a blast hanging out and sharing memories of the many times we went chasing trains. When my train buddies came over we had a big slide show showing photos from my trip north last month. That was a lot of fun.

Ken and I also share a passion for photography. We went to a camera store together, Kamera Korner, one of the last camera stores in San Jose. Ken bought a lens there.

Ken left Sunday morning right before Sue and I went to brunch.

Sue and I had a great time at La Foret. It is amazing how many of the people who were there when we were married there are still there.

On the way home from La Foret we saw a small herd of deer on the road. They were right next to the car. I handed my Nikon to Sue and she fired a couple of shots right out the window. It was very cool. There was even a young buck who was accompanying the does as they walked down to the creek that flows through there.

Deer in New Almaden

Ken Compton

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