Thursday, July 05, 2007

Fourth of July 2007

Fourth of July Fireworks in Santa Clara

Busy but nice fourth of July
The fourth started with the annual pancake breakfast that ACTC, our bicycle club has. I ended up riding with Nancy Kenny and we went on a ride that twisted through residential neighborhoods. We missed a couple of turns and then eventually were off the route. So, Nancy and I decided to so our own route and went back to the ride start via the Los Gatos Creek trail. The trail was relatively not crowded and that was pretty pleasant. On parallel highway 17 the traffic was at a stand still as cars were trying to head west to get to the beaches.

After the ride I met Sue who was out shopping and then I went shopping myself for groceries for the dessert I made for Tyler and Mary's party.

Tyler and Mary live near a park in Santa Clara where they have an annual fireworks show. We had a lot of fun at the party hanging out with them and many other friends who were also at the party. Dinner was great. Then we went to the fireworks show which was also great. I shot both stills and video at the show. It was a very good fourth!

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