Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Camera Phone Post from MacWorld

I am in the Microsoft Blogger Lounge at MacWorld at Moscone. Thanks Microsoft for making this available to bloggers. Speaking of Microsoft, do you know that Microsoft has hired Stephanie Quilao as their west coast blogging evangelist? Is that cool or what. Unlike Apple, Microsoft has been very supportive of blogging and bloggers and I appreciate that. IMHO the Borg days of Microsoft are so last century.

I am very impressed with the Apple iPhone I can hardly wait to get one. It is going to be a great tool. I wonder if it will be able to be used to subscrribe to podcasts directly? From what I have seen it is still very much a spoke rather than a hub in the Apple digital hub model. As a personal device for me that won't be such a a problem, but as a tool for education that could be a real issue!

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