Thursday, January 11, 2007

Camera Phone Post: From the InDesign User Group Meeting

Rich Media PDF's and Podcasting
Bob Connolly presenting at the Bay Area InDesign User Group meeting Thursday January 11 on using Adobe InDesign to build interactive PDF "rich media" files. Connolly's presentation was great! According Connolly, "Acrobat documents “converged” with audio, video, and interactive content— it’s the wave of the future and it’s called rich media." Just a couple of hours earlier, at MacWorld, I saw a presentation by Phillip Torrone of O'Reilly Publication's Make Magazine. Torrone's presentation was on the future of Podcasting and the ability to use RSS 2.0 feeds to feed PDF podcasts. It was an example of serendipitous synchronicity that these two presentations were made at almost the same time. Taken together the possibilities are much greater than the sum of the parts.

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