Sunday, November 19, 2006

Weird weekend update

My Rivendell

The Riv is back!
My Rivendell is rideable again. Saturday morning I went to a techie event in San Francisco and then went to American Cyclery also in San Francisco. I had dropped off my bike a couple of weeks ago and it was ready! It was a good day, I had seen several folks I know at Podcamp including Robert Scoble, Steve Sergeant and Eli Spector. Then, at the bike shop, I saw several of my old bike shop friends.

Podcamp West

Sunday, Recovering from the Burglary
I went on a fun ACTC bike ride on the Rivendell. I rode a lot with Pam. Then, Sue and I went to Valarie's house for soup. The rest of the day was spent gathering information for the Insurance company about our recent burglary.

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