Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Family in a flood

Tree in the sun

Sun in California and rain in Washington, from Luci:
Hello Family and Friends,
You may have heard about the flooding here. It is pretty extensive. At this time we are safe and our house is not in the river's path but, if it continues like this- who knows. Some of our friends have lost power and there have been fairly large evacuations. School is closed until further notice. There are shelters set up and Governor Christine Gregoire has declared it a state of emergency and asked the feds to call out the National guard. It is crazy. Steve is very excited because he gets to use his crank radio; ) He also feels very proud to have tons of food stores because of his canning efforts this summer. I guess it was worth it to shuck all that damn corn, LOL. Well we are trying to stay dry. It is still raining. For all the updated pictures go to (Blog Link)

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