Sunday, July 16, 2006

Twelve years ago we married

Susie and I at La Foret

Twelve years ago Sue and I married
We were married in a restaurant named La Foret, in New Almaden south of San Jose, on June 17, 1994. We try to go back every year. It is very elegant. We served Silver Oak cabernet at our wedding and sometimes when we go we order a bottle. The food is excellent, this year we went to Sunday brunch.

Ridge wine grapes

After dinner we went to Ridge Winery
Ridge has some of the world's best Bordeaux Blend wines grown right in the hills above San Jose. Two Ridge wines, the 1971 Monte Bello and the 2000 Monte Bello, took top honors in the 30th Anniversary celebration of the "Judgement in Paris" famous tasting. We had a fun tasting and a very nice time at the winery. The view from the vineyard there is stunning. Even though it was very hot we had a great day.

view from Ridge

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