Saturday, July 22, 2006

Multimedia message

Camera Phone Post: Cyclists at winery
Our "whine-and-dine ride" on Saturday the 22nd started with 11 of us riding to Occidental from the campground at Casini Ranch on the Russian River. From there about six of us went to Freestone to visit Wildflour Bread, a great bakery there, while the remainder of us had second breakfast at Howard's Station in Occidental. We then rejoined on Graton Road as we descended into Sebastapol.

It got hot, I mean really hot! When we got to Pellegrini Winery they were very welcoming. We had liberal wine pourings and personal tour of the place. We had a great time and bought a lot of wine (to pick up later.) The ride back was an ordeal, with temps well into the triple digits. Despite the heat everybody seemed to have a great time.

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