Saturday, January 14, 2006

Rainy Day Saturday

Today I have been busy working on the February bike club newsletter. Usually this would be one of my favorite things to do on a rainy Saturday like today, but I am feeling pretty crummy. I have had this terrible sore throat since last Wednesday and I guess I am not going to be able to ignore it anymore.

On Wednesday I ignored it because I wanted to go to MacWorld. Thursday I had training for my student assistants, so I had to go in. Friday I wanted to go to the union meeting in Sacramento, so I went. Then I wanted to see Marie and Kirk. I have been thinking about Marie a lot since her sister was killed in that awful car accident last Thanksgiving [Link].

It was great seeing Marie and her family yesterday. Anthony, her oldest grandson, is 12 and is almost as tall as Marie is. Since she is only 5'2" that is not really very tall. Jessie, her oldest son, who was born just a few days before Candy and I got married, is now 30. Kirk is a great guy. It was good seeing Heather and Jessie and all of the other grandkids. But, it was pretty late by the time I got home.

Today I have been on deadline with the newsletter. The cold has settled into my head now and my sinuses are running. Eric Pettis, who is in Nicole (Jeff's wife's) family has an electrical business. He and an associate came over and did a bit of wiring. It was work getting ready for them and the must and fungus from under the house has gotten into the house. But, it is great having the work done. I now have a 20 amp circuit going into the den, just for my computers. That is way cool. Plus, the hot tub is wired again. That will be great after I recover.

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