Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Waiting for Lynn to pop

Grape vines

Waiting for Lynn to pop
Last week Lynn Benson Johnson (aka LBJ) posted to this blog that she and husband Brian Johnson is past due for the birth of their child. According to her blog they were going to induce on Sunday [Link].  No new news on that!

We watched the CMAs
Last night Susie and I watched the Country Music Awards. It was neat to see old favorites like Lee Ann Womack, Alan Jackson, Trisha Yearwood, Faith Hill, Tim McGraw and Garth Brooks. What was especially exciting was seeing newer (for us) artists like Sugarland [Link], Sarah Evans [Link],  Brad Paisley [Link],  Gretchen Wilson [Link] and Alison Kraus [Link]. Back when she was a pup Lynn and I took a country western dance class together. Not long after Susie and I met at another country western dance class. It is nice to know country music is still alive and kicking up its heels.

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Mrs. Brian Johnson said...

Tried commenting earlier but I guess it didn't go through. Induction is scheduled for this Sunday night/Monday morning, but we're praying it doesn't come to that. Apparently, my uterus is where all the cool kids hang out. In other news, I'll never forget the "dirty-old-man" looks that the people in our country-western dance class gave you when it was announced that I was too young to attend the final class at the Saddlerack. Good times!!!