Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Sweet trip, sweet truck

This road calls to me
This is the Dempster Highway [link] . It is the road to the Arctic Circle. Just look at this picture [pic link]. In the land of the midnight sun, as you drive the Dempster Highway, when you reach the Arctic circle, this is what you see [Pic Link]. I remember my dad saying, "when I retire I want to (fill in the blank.) This is the first time I have said that. My dad died before he could realize any of his dreams of retirement. He was 58 when he died. Now I am 50. When I retire I want to drive as close as I can to the top of the world. That is one reason I want a four wheel drive truck with a camper.

GMC Canyon

I am impressed by this American Truck
My friend Jonathan Chauncy has been suggesting I try driving a Chevy Colorado/GMC Canyon. I didn't think much of American trucks, I have been focusing on getting a Toyota Tacoma. But, I tried this truck. I am impressed! This is one sweet truck. With the red tag sale they are having and the end of the year deals, you can knock about twenty percent off the sticker. That is sweet indeed.

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