Monday, September 19, 2005

It was a fantastic fifties weekend

So much happened that I cannot even begin to write it all. We had a great bike ride followed by a fantastic party at our house on Saturday. The ride was a 40 mile ride with perfect weather. Our friends John and Rosa were camping at Uvas Canyon Park, and we met them there. Saturday night we had a combined party celebrating both the end of the 2005 whine-n-dine season and my 50th birthday. Jeff ran the grill! Many others cooked and brought great food to the dinner.

Jeff, Nicole, Ken and I
Susie, Frances, Diane Chauncy and many others did a ton of work to put the party together. We had about 42 people here. I got many great cards, gifts and some great bottles of wine!

Last week I had many family and friends take me out to lunches and dinner, call and send cards. When you do it with so many wonderful friends and family, turning 50 is not so bad after all.

Sunday I put together our bike club newsletter and we had a nice dinner with Kathy and John. Here is a link to the bike club newsletter [Link, 1MB, PDF].

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