Wednesday, May 31, 2017

I went down, fast

Last Whine & Dine Ride. Photo by: Clyde Butt
One week ago tomorrow I was in a serious bicycle crash. I was accidentally struck from behind by another cyclist. My bike GPS computer recorded my speed as 23.6 mph when I was jettisoned off my bike and onto the pavement, landing on my right hip. This came from a blind side. I never saw it coming.

It took several days to determine the extent of my injuries. I have four fractures. My pelvis is fractured in two places, my left wrist is broken as is one of my ribs on the right side. It has been the most pain I have ever had in my life.

What hurt the most is, it caused me to miss my brother-in-law's memorial last Saturday. My sister has cancer and I really wanted to be there for her with my family. But, what's done is done. Now, I am working on getting back up, slowly.

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Virginia Watts said...

So hard to be knocked sideways when you are just out for some fun and exercise! And how unfair! Glad you are mending, sorry for your disappointment with the memorial -- but I'm sure your sister understands and appreciates your support, no matter where you are. Heal well. And fast.