Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Thank goodness for family and friends

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Middle son Jeff installed some critical equipment to enable me to shower safely. We had been planning on doing a remodel to this bathroom. We had not planned on the sudden accessibility changes we have had to make to our shower. Besides the purchase of a transfer bench and a knee scooter. We have also had to buy a hose shower head and a grab bar so that I can shower standing on one foot. None of these have our worker's comp provider said they are willing to pay for. So, we bought these ourselves and Jeff installed them for me.

This makes a huge difference. There was nothing in this shower I could use to stand up and sit down with my good leg, much less hold on to steady myself.

When we do the remodel all this will be ripped out. These expenses are solely related to this work injury. But, I think we will be thinking about accessibility as we plan the remodel.

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motormouth said...

when my dad remodeled his bathroom, he made it so there were NO levels. if he needs to, he'll be able to roll a wheelchair directly into the shower stall. pretty cool. think about doorway widths, too.