Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Looking back at a great vacation

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Late Sunday, the fourth of July, when fireworks were starting to go off, we landed in San Francisco. Youngest son Kenneth picked us up at the airport. It was a great vacation. It ended with hanging out with Susie's college friends in Burlington, Vermont. They are a great bunch of ladies. In the photo above, left to right, is Bertie, Sally, Sheree, Sue, Susie and Sheree & Richard's daughter Jordan. We watched third of July fireworks from a great venue in Burlington, then flew out the next morning. It was a lot of fun. More photos of the vacation:

Album One
These are mostly photos from the time we were separate and I was on my own chasing trains and being a tourist in New York and Pennsylvania.
Album Two
These start where the previous album left off. But, these are mostly photos from the time after we met at JFK airport in New York City and cover our adventures in Vermont, Quebec City and were staying with our friends Sheree and Richard.

I hope you enjoy the photos. It was great to go and it is good to be back.

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