Wednesday, February 24, 2010

My hamburger on a roller skate

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In 1974 I was a student at Diablo Valley Junior college in Pleasant Hill, CA. I was a very shy person and I started taking photography classes because I was interested in photography from taking pictures of trains. It was a great program with some wonderful photography professors and students, a great darkroom, studio, large format cameras; etc. (I am sure the lab has since been ripped out and replaced with rows of computers equipped with Photoshop.)

One of the assignments was to do a photo about fast food, which in 1974 meant the great American hamburger. So, I bought a basic McDonald's hamburger, put it on a rollerskate and drove out to highway J4 on the way to Tracy, CA.

This arrow straight country highway saw light traffic, so I put the burger on the center line and shot away. Yes, I got an A, not to mention some funny looks from drivers of passing cars.

It was in this class that I saw a flyer that said the college paper was looking for photographers. Since I was shy I thought being on the college newspaper would give me an excuse to talk to girls. It did.

This led to my attending a junior college journalism (Journalism Association of Community Colleges, JACC) conference in Anaheim (where I met my first wife.) The rest is history.

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