Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Celebrating Sue

Sue and Madison

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Great celebrations of Sue's Birthday, Today!

When you have something special, celebrate it! Sue's birthday is more than a day this year, it is a procession of fun events. Among the ways we have been celebrating:

  • On Sunday Nov. 30, 2008; Sue's mom Fran, sons Kenneth and Jeff, daughter-in-law Nicole, and grandkids Madison and Jacob as well as the cats joined together to celebrate Sue's birthday.
  • Yesterday we went to dinner at a very pleasant dinner, just she and I, at a nice restaurant in Los Gatos.
  • This evening we are joining the entire city of San Jose in celebrating her birthday. Gordon Biersch chose today, Sue's Birthday, to have their WinterBock party. According to one of my former students who works there, "I love the band that plays our tapping parties (Jazz Unlimited) so I always skip working it and just sit and enjoy. They're GREAT, they tend to do Sinatra songs and etc. And the lead singer is Martin, he used to be one of our bartenders, he's wonderful."

Yes, we are celebrating in style!

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