Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Photos from last week

Sloan Family at Pier 39

Family Visit

Last week Steve, his wife Luci and their kids Cazden and Solomon came to visit. It was a good visit and really enjoyed seeing them and spending time with them.

They arrived late on Saturday August 9. On Sunday the tenth we had a family barbecue. On Monday we went to the Children's Discovery Museum, where we met my niece Sophie. I had to work on Tuesday. On Wednesday we went to San Francisco. I took the train up with grandson Cazden. It was his first train ride. He got to go in the engineer cab of the train. In San Francisco we went on a cable car and then met the family at Pier 39. Later we went to China Town. I had to work again on Thursday and they left Friday. I took the morning off Friday to be with them. It was hard to say good bye. With school starting next week I was unable to take more time off and Sue was busy on a deadline. I do feel bad about that!

I shot a lot of photos and developed nine rolls of Black and White over the last weekend:

[More pictures here on Flickr]

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