Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Great PJ Photographer Coming to SJSU

Brian Baer coming to my class
Next week we are going to have a very special guest speaker in my Wednesday night class. Brian Baer, the political photographer from The Sacramento Bee, will be speaking to the class. Brian is a hot photographer who covers the California Political scene. In my opinion, he has one of the keenest eyes as a photographer I know of.

He is a friend and a great guy. He is an alum of our photojournalism program. He passionate about politics, photography and photojournalism. This should be a real treat! You are invited to bring friends, especially recommended for folks interested in politics and photojournalism.

An added bonus is the inside view Brian has of California politics. This should be a great session!

I ran into Brian Baer when I was shooting the CA democratic convention on March 28-30. It was the first time I had seen Brian for over ten years and we immediately caught up on old times. Feel free to spread the word. It is a large room!

The event is at 6pm on Wednesday, April 23 in DBH226 at San Jose State.

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