Thursday, October 18, 2007

Anniversary of my mom's passing

My parents

On this day in 1984 my mom died
My father died in 1977 and my mother never quite found herself after that. My mom was a smoker and the records probably show that it was a smoking related illness that killed her. But, she was really already slowly dying a long slow death from a broken heart. My parents grew up as next door neighbors. They lived in Pittsburgh, Kansas. They eloped before my mother was old enough to marry. They ran away from home across the state border to Joplin, Missouri where they married. They lied about her age. My grandma (on my mothers side) went after them. She found the sheriff. When they caught up with my parents my father told the sheriff they had already consummated the marriage. The sheriff then told my grandmother there was nothing he could do about their marriage. That was the law then. So, my dad lied. They did plenty of consummating later though, they had five children of which I am the youngest.

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