Monday, August 27, 2007

My sister's birthday

Iris in the 1960's

My Sister Iris's Birthday
Tomorrow is my sister's birthday. Soon she is going to be moving to California. I am really looking forward to having her closer. Happy birthday sister!

This photo is from around forty years ago. It was in a batch of slides my dad took that I recently discovered. That is one of the neatest things about good old fashioned analog film photography is you can have a container of very old pictures languish undiscovered like a time capsule waiting to be opened. Then, when you do open it, it explodes with memories. Fifty years from now how will people find our now digital memories? Will an old CD ROM or hard drive beckon to be opened like an old box of pictures does?

This photo was taken in the living room of my parents' house on Granada Drive in Concord. I hope to scan more as I get time.

Close up of my sister

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Sophie said...

Wow--I thought this was ME for a second. Mom looks so adorable!
Hpapy Birthday Mom! Uncle Steve and I are BOTH waiting for your pending arrival!
Thanks, Uncle Steve, for this memory (though I wasn't yet an embryo;)