Monday, May 21, 2007

Car Break In

Yesterday I was in Watsonville with friends for a bike ride. After the ride my friend Nancy and I went to a local grocery store to get some beer to take back to a little tail gate party our group was having. There was a parking spot in the shade so I backed into it. Just as I was parking we heard a "pop" sound and a car alarm. Nancy said, "oh my God, they are breaking into a car over there." Sure enough not far away was three people wearing hooded sweat shirts running for the trunk of this car. It was broad daylight. Since I was nose out I was able to hit the gas and head straight for the car. Two of the people, seeing us approach, took off running. The third lingered a moment apparently looking to see if there was something he (the gender of this perp is assumed) could grab. Then, seeing his buddies bailing, he too ran off.

It turned out the owner of the vehicle worked in the store. Another employee apparently was in the parking lot gathering shopping carts and notified him. He came out and ran off in apparent pursuit of the perps. Nancy called 911 and Watsonville Police arrived shortly. The perps escaped.

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