Sunday, February 26, 2006

That was the weekend that was

Naomi and Jim

Weekend of contrasts
Yesterday was sunny and warm, today was cold and wet. We spent Friday evening with Jeff, Nicole, Madison and Kenneth (expect pictures of that.) On Saturday morning I posted a podcast [link to audio] of a conversation I had the night before with Jeff about our bicycle club trailer. Then, later that morning I led a bicycle club ride. It was a great ride and the weather was perfect.

About the time I returned, Sue and Fran left to go to Diane's place to help her and Owen move out. JC is already in North Carolina. Diane has to be out on Monday and she is staying at her mother-in-law's place while they transition to their new home. I went to Burrell School to pick up a wine shipment. The people there are nice, it is close and they have a good location. Their wine is good, but in our opinion only a few of their wines are really good. I like their Pinots and Amador County Zins and some of their blends. It shocked me to see someone in there buying 9 cases of their wine. That is a couple of thousand dollars worth.

This morning I put together another podcast for the bicycle club, this time about the recent Amgen Tour of California bike race [link to audio.] Today it rained and around noon I finally went to Costco. Fran came with me and we went to lunch. Susie and I have been putting going to Costco off so long that we were virtually out of everything. We have been shopping week-to-week for groceries. Our freezer has been virtually empty. I spent over $500 and the better part of today doing that. Then, this evening I put together one of the two remaining unassembled pieces of furniture in the den and we gave the cats flea treatments. That was the weekend that was.

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